Squissita Easy Wine

Technical specifications


Italian 20-bar pressure pump

Filter with built-in DOUBLE CREAM system: Coffee shop crema

Super compact elegant design

Practical, easy-to-use selector switch

Portafilter with 2 baskets for one or two shots

Eco Friendly. Its Stainless Steel boiler and high quality components ensure a long useful life and the possibility of repair.

Stainless steel, directable steam wand with guard, for safe handling.

Easy-to-remove drip tray

Removable 1.5 litre tank with visible water level.

Space between the portafilter and the drip tray suitable for large cups (up to 10 cm)

Coffee maker suitable for ground coffee and coffee pods

Quick start function

Energy saving: auto-off function

Non-slip suction feet

Dimensions: 15 x 24 x 28 cm

Manufactured in Portugal

Coffee scoop

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